February 14-16 Weekend Event

February is the month of love – but sometimes it’s not that easy! How can we love the people we don’t know?

Have you noticed that everyone around you is different? Have you noticed that the world is getting smaller and is coming into our neighbourhoods? How does that make you feel? Together with a Professor of Psychology from Canadian Mennonite University we are going to spend a weekend looking at this increasing diversity and our responses to it. We will consider the origins of prejudice and the variations in our attitudes and behaviors as well as the potential to transform relations among people who differ. If you are curious please join us for one or all of these 2 hour sessions. There is no charge, refreshments will be served.  Friday evening, 7-9pm, Saturday morning, 10-12am., Saturday afternoon 2-4pm, and our regular Sunday morning worship at 10:45am. Everyone is welcome to attend this informal, interactive community event.


Delmar Epp, Associate Professor of Psychology

Today’s churches seek to build community in the face of increasing diversity, both within our congregations, and in our broader contexts. Yet there often exists an anxiety over opening our doors to change, and our culture promotes a need for protection and isolation from those outside our circles. Working from a social-psychological perspective, we will explore the origins of prejudice, the variation in people’s prejudicial attitudes and behaviours, and the potential to transform relations among people who differ.

Sessions: (tentative)

  • Habits of Mind
  • The Need for Prejudice
  • Our Response

Meditation (Sunday) “Who is my Neighbour?”

PDF Version:  Love (All) Your Neighbours
PDF Poster:  CMUPortablePoster-2020